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I am connected to the mediation and animal care community in many ways. I make presentations, volunteer, advise, consult and train individuals and groups on the benefits of utilizing mediation in their organizations.

Massachusetts Federation of Dog Clubs throughout the Commonwealth
“The new dog law”
“Puppy Contracts”
University of Massachusetts, Boston - Graduate Program in Alternative Dispute Resolution – “Mediation and the Animal Care Community”

Massachusetts Federation of Dog Clubs – www.massfeddogs.org
Massachusetts Animal Coalition – www.massanimalcoallition.org
Massachusetts Society for the prevention of cruelty to animals www.mspca.org
Northeast Animal Shelter – www.northeastanimalshelter.org
Best Friends Animal Sanctuary – www.bestfriends.org
Ipswich Humane Group –www.ipswichhumanegroup.org
North Shore Community Mediation Center – www.nsmediation.org

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