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ForEverCare Mediation and Legal Services
is a mediation and collaborative legal practice with two primary focuses:

-Help resolve people conflicts concerning their animals

-Help resolve people conflicts with each other



My Mission is to assist and empower people to resolve their conflicts and disputes with others in a thoughtful, satisfying and creative way. I especially focus on people involved in the animal care community. I believe that people can often find ways to work through challenges together if they are willing to give it a chance. This has been born out through many years of experience. An added benefit to this approach is that when parties fully participate in the solution, they are more likely to stay committed to the agreements they have created.

I strongly prefer mediated and negotiated solutions to litigation wherever possible. Typically the cost and time involved is significantly less than litigation. Also, the solutions achieved are more creative and helpful to all parties. I help individuals and groups resolve their challenges through dialogue, discussion, active listening and other peace-making approaches.

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